What’s Going On? July 2011

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CUBA – 2011
Christ in Cuba
Many people believe they will never be able to share Christ in Cuba. For many years this was true. But, now a new energy and a trained ministry force is emerging in Cuba from a long history of religious repression.

I praise God every day that I have the freedom to worship, move around freely from place to place, and to buy the essentials I need to make my life comfortable. For nine days in June I was able to return to Cuba and experience the changes that are taking place.

Day one in Cuba we met with the Minister of Religion to carefully explain why we were in Cuba and the humanitarian “good will” we have done and intend to do for their country. She listened intently, shared many of her perspectives as it related to the Cuban people and then welcomed us to travel across Cuba to visit our evangelists and to learn about her country. She also shared some of the projects that she has approved in the past, like remodeling and construction of some older homes and buildings to be used for worship. The future church activities? Those projects will be subject to her approval.

The beauty of Christianity is that Christ is being preached in many nations without a political agenda. So, while respecting the local laws and customs, God has kept the door of opportunity open for us to continue working closely with our Cuban brothers and sisters in Christ.

Media: Through training, we also have the ability of giving our brothers and sisters a voice in media for their faith. Public radio and TV are highly controlled, but I did enjoy some training time to record messages that will be useful in Cuba. Stay tuned for what God has in store!

People are reaching out for the good news of Christ! The media ministry is booming as our Cuban ministers, for 10 or more years, have been sharing Con La Biblia Abierta VHS then DVD’s with people all over the island.

What are the future opportunities for sharing Christ in Cuba?
The Cuban church tells us their needs, and we listen…

1. We have learned that we can have a more effective outreach in Cuba by using an AM signal out of Bonaire. The last time we had access to an AM signal in Cuba 345 souls were baptized in two years.
To broadcast our present one hour radio program, La Voz Alegre, once a week it will cost $1,698.66 per month. In Cuba, there are souls that are receptive and are “hungering and thirsting after righteousness”. Therefore this need for Cuba is number one on my list. You can help by making a one-time or monthly contribution to this effort. The time for Cuba is now.

2. Training seminars in Havana that have trained preachers for 10 years needs funding to continue.
3. A vehicle is needed for the minister directing the radio program follow-up from Matanzas.
4. The church building in Santiago de Cuba, needs reconstruction.
5. The church in Las Tunas where Ennio preaches needs a meeting place.
6. DVD duplicating equipment is needed to improve the media outreach.
7. A farm donated to the church needs a lot of equipment and man-hours to meet the goals of this unique resource. The focus of this outreach is to supply food for conferences, evangelists, and to become a training farm. Members of the church can learn to farm, then move to other areas and duplicate this project in other parts of the country.

Of course, the list goes on.

In Cuba, we have the opportunity to become the voice and hands of Jesus.

Radio • Good News • Television-Christ’s Message Meeting the Masses
Website: http://www.theopenbible.com

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Con La Biblia Abierta / With the Open Bible
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La Familia Cosmovision: Thursdays 9:30 PM PT
Mega TV 22 South Florida: Friday 12:00 Midnight EST

Monday night at 6:00-7:00 PM EST
La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice is broadcasting to USA, Cuba and the
Americas from Red Lion, PA WINB 9.265 kHz shortwave.
Streaming On-line: www.winb.com Invite your friends to listen!
Future, in 2012:
KNLS World Christian Broadcasting begins transmitting from Madagascar, covering Latin America!

People are seeking the saving message of Christ.
2011 Update: 2,699 souls have already responded
2010: Over 4,315 people responded to our media outreach.
The requests for prayers and Bible studies continue to pour in.
Please pray that the loving message of Christ will reach souls and transform
their lives.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.
Matthew 5:6