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How Can We Share the Words of Jesus With Our Spanish-Speaking Friends ?

Reaching out to the Latin American World

English or Spanish

Español o Inglés

Sharing Christ’s Message of hope was never easier!

 Go to: 
 dev1.floridaswebdesign.com/cpi                lavozalegre.com                           
There you will find a tab at the top of the page to switch the site’s language, from English to Spanish or Español a Ingles. You can navigate in English and take your Spanish-speaking friend to Bible messages that are in the Spanish language to help them receive the help only Jesus can give.

It’s really that easy!

People everywhere are asking how to share Christ with their friends and loved ones. Now, with a click of a button (click on any image below) they can share radio and video programs on:- Christian family values: Family Life



– Christian mental health tips: Life in Perspective



– Biblical historical studies: Biblical Archeology



– Sign up for a free Bible study course and more, much more!

Sharing Connecting
We have found that    wherever we go there is someone that says, “I wish I could speak Spanish. If I did I would be able do more.”Recently  a brother, with this same sentiment, came to us looking for help to teach his Colombian wife. He spoke very little Spanish and she was limited in her understanding of English. We were able to sit down and help them navigate our website and find what they were looking for.Be sure to check out our search feature at the bottom of each page.When you search a topic the messages closest to your search will appear.Then press the Spanish button to share that content with your Spanish-speaking friend.By the way, did I mention that you can share our content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.You can also download any audio or video message and email it to a friend.

Using Media to Share Christ 


Please Pray for our Radio Broadcast 

     Visit our website for tools to share the good news of Christ.              lavozalegre.com or dev1.floridaswebdesign.com/cpi

La Voz Alegre is World Christian Broadcasting’s voice to Latin America in partnership with Christian Productions International, worldchristian.org