What’s Going On? February 2011

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By Rex Morgan

And the angels rejoice…

The angels rejoiced in heaven again this month!

Guillermina had her doubts. Her son, Bill, had gone off and joined the Church
of Christ youth group all on his own. So she rejected Bill’s new faith, but
that wasn’t enough to bring him back to her. Later, Bill decided to be trained
as a missionary, travel to a foreign country, and share the good news of
Christ’s love.

Now the years have gone by, and Bill was able to return home for a visit during
La Navidad, Christmas. This time, Guillermina was ready to learn more about
Christ, but she still had her doubts. So Bill studied with her and shared
the Con La Biblia Abierta DVDs on the Holy Scripture’s message about becoming a
Christian, Haciendo Discipulos. Guillermina’s doubts and fears were finally

I wish you could have seen the glow of love and pride on Bill’s face as he
showed me the video of his mother being baptized last week. Beautiful, the
full circle of a family united in Christ… and the angels rejoiced.

This month Bill returned to Leon, Mexico armed with a Snowball microphone,
recording software loaded into his computer, and training materials to
encourage other potential radio talent in Mexico. He is also carrying a set of
124 DVD episodes of the Con La Biblia Abierta program to freely duplicate and
distribute in Mexico. Please pray for this young man and his fiancée, Leticia,
as they rejoin their mission team in Leon.

Buscando Los Perdidos, Reaching Out to the Lost

Do you know a Spanish speaking person that you would like to share the gospel
with? Could you, your church, or your missionary use a set of
Con La Biblia Abierta DVD’s?

To view the Spanish video titles, in English: Log on to www.theopenbible.com

To order: Contact Rex at clbabierta@aol.com to request a set of DVD’s

From Pennsylvania to the streets of Argentina:
350 million Spanish-speaking people
Did you realize that Spanish is the leading language in 23 nations? Or that
Spanish ranks among the top three languages spoken in the world today? In
order to seize the opportunity to touch millions of Spanish-speaking people the
radio hour La Voz Alegre has been launched on a second shortwave frequency.

January 2011, Radio WINB began broadcasting our Spanish programming every
Monday night from 6:00-7:00 PM EST. We are pleased to say that the whole
western hemisphere is being reached with radio and Internet every week via WINB
located in Red Lion, PA and WRMI broadcasting from Miami, FL Mondays from
9:00-10:00 PM EST. These broadcasts, combined with the television outreach of
Con La Biblia Abierta, 350 million Spanish-speaking people are receiving the
Gospel of Christ in their homes and places of business.

With this very large vision in mind, the real importance of Christian radio and
television broadcasting is focused on the power of one: the one soul, the one
listener, and the one messenger sharing the one saving message of Jesus

Buenos Aires – The widest street in the world.

Radio • Good News • Television – Christ’s Message Meeting the Masses

23 Countries and across the United States
Con La Biblia Abierta / With the Open Bible
Enlace: Thursdays 3:30 PM CT
USA: Dish Network 9413: Mondays 9:00 PM EST
Mega TV 22 South Florida: Friday 12:00 Midnight EST

Monday night at 9:00-10:00 PM EST
La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice is broadcasting to Cuba and the Americas from
Radio Miami International, WRMI 9.995 kHz shortwave.
Streaming On-line: www.wrmi.net
Monday night at 6:00-7:00 PM EST
La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice is broadcasting to USA, Cuba and the
Americas from Red Lion, PA WINB 9.265 kHz shortwave.
Streaming On-line: www.winb.com Invite your friends to listen!

Future, in 2012:
KNLS World Christian Broadcasting begins transmitting from Madagascar, covering
Latin America!

People are seeking the saving message of Christ.
2011 Update: 425 souls have already responded
2010: Over 4,315 people responded to our media outreach.
The requests for prayers and Bible studies continue to pour in.
Please pray that the loving message of Christ will reach souls and transform
their lives.

I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one
sinner who repents… Luke 15:7