What’s Going On? 7/2015

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Do you remember when a friend

shared Jesus with you?

Now, think of a Spanish-speaking friend who has a
personal or spiritual need.
Share these short online spiritual messages
to give them hope and understanding:
Parenting Tips
The Transforming Power of Prayer
Who is Jesus?
The Inscription of Pilate
A Man Sent by God
The Best Medicine for the Heart
Listen, Watch, and Share
Jesus with someone you know.
Website Update:
113,735 views last month
64 Countries visited in June alone
Country with Largest Audience: United States
Latino Countries with the greatest visits:
Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile,
Argentina, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and even Cuba
Increasing Download Bandwidth
5 Popular downloads are:
Unforgettable Conversations with Jesus
Letters to My Children
A Moment of Reflection
The radio program: La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice
 The Life of Christ
Also Popular: A Free Bible Study
We praise God for this response!  Please keep this outreach for Christ in your prayers.

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