Open Door for “With the Open Bible” Television Program Targets Hispanics in 50 States

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Dish Network contract signing:Rex Morgan with Efrain Valverde and Juan Carlos Cabrera of Almavision

Are you interested in reaching the growing Hispanic population in your area? God continues to open doors of opportunity to make it easier. Recently one such door opened up. The Spanish-language evangelistic television program “With the Open Bible” produced by Christian Productions International will now be seen every Monday night at 8:00 on Dish Network. This television program, known in Spanish as “Con La Biblia Abierta” (“With the Open Bible”), has a growing international audience as it is seen on in 23 countries every Thursday afternoon. It has also been on the air in several US cities. Now, God has paved the way for this television program to reach across our fifty United States on a single network. Almavision is a television network based in Miami, Florida that is included in all packages offered by the Dish Network on channel 9413.

When the program’s producer, Rex Morgan, shared the news with our staff at World Bible School we came up with an agreement to place 1-800 number in the programs that would bring all of the contacts through World Bible School. Each program offers a free Bible correspondence course to its viewers. With this in mind World Bible School will be working to recruit Spanish-speaking WBS teachers in the USA to help with the follow-up of contacts that come to us from the television broadcasts.

This television program has had great success throughout the world in helping to reach the lost and strengthen churches of Christ. It is a Bible teaching program, with host Efrain Valverde A., which reaches out to Hispanics and speaks to their spiritual and family needs.

Helping to make this Dish Network broadcast possible is the Sycamore Church of Christ in Cookeville, Tennessee. They have decided to sponsor the weekly telecasts. This congregation is also heavily involved in World Bible School. In their congregation they have about 100 active World Bible School teachers with students in several parts of the world. They are also the congregation that launched the ministry known as “One Nation Under God”.

The telecast started January 14, 2008 at 9:00 PM ET the will continue each Monday night at the same time on Dish Network channel 9413. If you know of Spanish speakers in your area of the country please tell them about the program. If they haven’t seen the program but you would like them enrolled in World Bible School have them call our toll free number: 1-800-310-7680. Thank you for your prayers for this new evangelistic effort!