What’s Going On? May 2014

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What’s Going On? April 2014

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What’s Going On March 2014


 What’s Going On?

March 2014

Share the Words of Jesus With Our Spanish-Speaking Friends 


Reaching the Latin American World


Roberto Pino Shares a Listener Update from Cuba

Roberto Pino directs the training of preachers in Cuba, serves as an elder, and is in charge of the follow-up of our radio listeners. 

He writes: “We continue to receive reports of a growing audience in Cuba and are sending each listener the Bible course:

¿Qué Dice La Biblia? (What Does the Bible Say?). 

Then, those who want to continue studying enroll in the lessons from Larry White: Cursos Bíblicos para Obreros Cristiano (Bible Courses for Christian Workers)

In a short time, we now have a whole lot of students studying and have put them in contact with local congregations everywhere.  The truth is that the radio program is a great blessing.”

Plans are being made now for Rex Morgan, Jose Castillo Jr., and others, to travel to Cuba in May to train evangelists that will meet us in Havana. We will conduct a workshop on teaching how to write and produce audio messages to further their effectiveness in their local ministries and with our radio listeners.

For more information and access to our programming visit: lavozalegre.com 

and press the “English” button in the top right corner of the Home page.

Remember Baby Seidy’s story about her blindness from our December report? An update from Health Talents International:

Seidy is on our patient list and Dr. Sierra has been in touch with her. Until the US surgeon sees her on March 8 or 9, we won’t know the precise day of her surgery or whether or not it can be done.
Julie Wheetley is leading that team and will be at Clinica Ezell that week and will keep us posted. If I learn anything new,good or bad, we’ll let you know.
Keep praying!

Rick Harper

Executive Director

Health Talents International

PO Box 8303

Searcy, AR 72145




What’s Going On? February 2014

How Can We Share the Words of Jesus With Our Spanish-Speaking Friends ?

Reaching out to the Latin American World

English or Spanish

Español o Inglés

Sharing Christ’s Message of hope was never easier!

 Go to: 
 dev1.floridaswebdesign.com/cpi                lavozalegre.com                           
There you will find a tab at the top of the page to switch the site’s language, from English to Spanish or Español a Ingles. You can navigate in English and take your Spanish-speaking friend to Bible messages that are in the Spanish language to help them receive the help only Jesus can give.

It’s really that easy!

People everywhere are asking how to share Christ with their friends and loved ones. Now, with a click of a button (click on any image below) they can share radio and video programs on:- Christian family values: Family Life



– Christian mental health tips: Life in Perspective



– Biblical historical studies: Biblical Archeology



– Sign up for a free Bible study course and more, much more!

Sharing Connecting
We have found that    wherever we go there is someone that says, “I wish I could speak Spanish. If I did I would be able do more.”Recently  a brother, with this same sentiment, came to us looking for help to teach his Colombian wife. He spoke very little Spanish and she was limited in her understanding of English. We were able to sit down and help them navigate our website and find what they were looking for.Be sure to check out our search feature at the bottom of each page.When you search a topic the messages closest to your search will appear.Then press the Spanish button to share that content with your Spanish-speaking friend.By the way, did I mention that you can share our content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.You can also download any audio or video message and email it to a friend.

Using Media to Share Christ 


Please Pray for our Radio Broadcast 

     Visit our website for tools to share the good news of Christ.              lavozalegre.com or dev1.floridaswebdesign.com/cpi

La Voz Alegre is World Christian Broadcasting’s voice to Latin America in partnership with Christian Productions International, worldchristian.org

What’s Going On? January 2014

The Happy Voice Radio Hour
Reaching out to the Latin American World

Let’s reach out and share Christ’s love together!

Your involvement in evangelism through this ministry is touching hundreds and even thousands of lives.  Media is today’s tool to reach out to each individual in their home, behind their closed door.  These spiritual and practical soul saving messages are leading people to Jesus. Now, you can personally share Christ with a Spanish-speaker. Using the English and Spanish menus on each page you guide Latin Americans to our radio and TV messages.  Also, at anytime you can lead them to the Free Bible Course tab that will allow them to enroll World Bible School in either language.We believe that God has brought us together for the purpose of sharing Jesus with people living in some of the most difficult places in the world.

Roberto Pino, shares a solar powered radio and audio Bible with Guillermo.

Your prayers in 2013 were answered! 

God tells us that He will do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.” 
  1. The radio hour La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice has made a great impact in Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico every week. Requests for World Bible School courses are more than 100 per month from Cuba alone.
  2. New radio productions of programs for La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) radio hour are: Unforgettable Conversations with Jesus (Inovidable Conversaciones con Jesus) Life In Perspective (Vida en Perspectiva) Biblical Archeology (Arqueología Biblica) Ground Wire (Plan de Dios) Moments of Reflection (Momentos de Reflexión) Heart Cries, Messages from Women of the Bible (Lamentos del Corazón) Advice for Life (Consejos de Vida) Real Life (Vida Verdadera)
  3. The television program Con La Biblia Abierta, With the Open Bible has been updated with new contact information, advertising free Bible courses by World Bible School, and has been optimized for the Internet and easy downloading.  Also, ready for rebroadcasting.
  4. A CD, Su Mejor Caminio (Your Better Way) designed as an evangelistic Bible tract, is now being distributed. Several Brothers and Sisters from various countries are duplicating the CD and using it as an evangelistic tool.  It includes 15 audio tracks that are designed to teach: How to become a believer in God, and How to become a disciple of Jesus.
  5. You can now LISTEN, WATCH, and SHARE via dev1.floridaswebdesign.com/cpi, your toolbox for sharing Christ with Spanish-speakers.
  6. The National Youth Conference where 300 Cuban young people were able to grow in the Lord.
  7. The Radio Production Workshop in Honduras at the Baxter Institute has begun empowering future evangelists from 13 nations to use the media to share Christ.
  8. Distribution of our DVDs, television programs and CDs, radio programs, through conferences and direct mail continues to impact local outreach in many regions of the Latin world from Manhattan, New York to Central and South America. Some are being used for Sunday morning lessons in various locations, one place is a new church plant in Mexico that does not have a preacher yet.

Join with us in praying for 2014

We know that God always has plans. We seek to understand           all that He wants done through this ministry.  As we lay out the following, we seek His guidance and wisdom in these exciting plans for the future:

  1. Produce Verdadera Vida and other new radio programs throughout the year.
  2. Promote the Internet toolbox, dev1.floridaswebdesign.com/cpi, effectively so that all of our tools will be used throughout the world to share Christ. Planned workshops at to be held in Honduras, Cuba, and South Florida.
  3. Conduct effective workshops for training in Radio Production and Multimedia Syndication.
  4. Increase radio production that will help us grow our radio presence into a daily radio hour in Spanish and daily hour in Portuguese.
  5. Increase the distribution of Solar Powered Radios for our Radio Listener Clubs in Cuba tuning into La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) each week.
  6. Launch our daily hour radio broadcast from Madagascar with World Christian Broadcasting.
  7. Continue offering Con La Biblia Abierta (With the Open Bible) TV program for local syndication to help local churches in evangelism.
  8. Continue broadcasting La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice radio hour on:
  • -Trans World Radio’s 800 AM station reaching Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rica Sundays 9:00-10:00
  • -WINB shortwave is reaching all of Latin America, Monday night at 6:00-7:00 PM EST Streaming On-line: www.winb.com
  • -WWCR shortwave is reaching Cuba and Latin America from Nashville, TN, Wednesday afternoon 5:00-6:00 PM EST

Your prayers are powerful. We are blessed to have a heavenly Father that listens and answers.  Thanks for praying to him on behalf of this ministry!

What’s Going On? December 2013

Reaching out to the Latin American World
A Picture Is Worth … Maybe,A Baby’s Sight?

Sadie was born blind.  Her doctors in Guatemala told her mother, soon after her birth in 2012, that there was nothing they could do to help her to see.

But, that all changed for Sadie and her family on Sunday, November 4, 2013.  The family gathered with the estimated 4,000 for a great worship service in Guatemala City.  The large metal hangar of a building was packed with people from all over Guatemala and from the United States and other countries attending the 50th Pan American Lectureship.

“Can I take your picture?” I asked the friendly looking woman who had a child strung on her back.  Then, Sadie’s grandma smiled and turned around for me take their picture.

Taking photos of people and capturing moments of spiritual fellowship is a part of what I enjoy doing as we travel.

These pictures are used to share the activities God allows Christian Productions to be involved with.  For me, a picture has always been worth a thousand words, until now.  On this day it was worth much more!

The next thing I heard was a gentle voice in my ear saying, “Excuse me, I am the mother of that baby you just took a picture of, and that is my mother holding the baby.”  The young mother then gave me a desperate look and told me that her 17-month-old baby, Sadie, was blind.

“I heard there may be an eye doctor with your group attending the Pan American Lectureship.  Do you think he could help my baby?” she asked.

Yes, Dr. Allen Dutton, a missionary to Brazil and an eye doctor was attending the lectureship.  Right there and then, in the parking lot behind the family’s pick-up truck, he examined Sadie’s eyes as she lay in her grandmother’s arms. He opened one eye then the other.  Each time Sadie cried out when the light hit her eye.  Allen turned around and smiled at the gathering crowd of family, each of which had hopeful tears pouring down their face.  Then he happily told us that Sadie could see light.  Her cataract filled eyes prevented her from seeing and that these should be removed immediately.

Sadie’s mom shook her head and said the doctors had told her that nothing could be done for the baby in Guatemala.  We all circled our arms around each other and prayed for God to open up a way for Sadie to get the help she needed. We got the family’s contact information from Sadie’s uncle, said good-bye, and  walked to the school buses that had brought us to the Sunday service.

Then, God answered our prayer for Sadie’s sight!

As we walked up Rick Harper, from Health Talents International, was getting on the bus too.  When he heard Sadie’s story he smiled and told us that a group of eye surgeons were scheduled to arrive in Guatemala the first week in March!

Follow-up: Health Talents International has contacted Sadie’s family, and baby Sadie is scheduled to be examined, and given whatever help the surgeons can provide. Click on banner below to learn more about:

Let’s smile as we remember to pray for Sadie’s healing, her family’s encouragement, and that God’s name will be glorified through our fellowship.

This experience is a gift we can all cherish during this holiday season. Enjoy!

Celebrating the Lord on Sunday morning, the church in Guatemala City welcomed the participants of the Pan American Lectureship. Around 4,000 gathered for worship, and with great Guatemalan hospitality the all were feed lunch. Thank you to our Guatemalan sisters and brother!
Several came asking for prayer and four requested baptism into Christ.
 Hey, They Like It!Website Update:
From Honduras to the United States the feedback has been positive.”Wow, this is great I can use the site so easily to share the gospel of Christ!””Yeah, now I can introduce the gospel to someone who speaks Spanish.”From Sacramento, CA:”Can I copy the DVDs you sent me last year to share with a friend? Yes, but now you can also take your friend to our website and share a lot more!”HAVE YOU TAKEN A LOOK INTO THE TOOLBOX YET?CLICK ON THE TOOLBOX ABOVE OR THE IMAGE BELOW AND START TO LISTEN, WATCH, AND SHARE!TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

What’s Going On? November 2013

Reaching out to the Latin American World

Your Internet
Toolbox for Communicating Christ’s

Saving Message
to Spanish-speaking Latin Americans in their

Own Language

This bilingual website is designed to reach the lost,
respond to their needs, and to empower ministers, teachers, and members with
tools to teach their Latin American neighbors and friends.

Go to: dev1.floridaswebdesign.com/cpi or alcancecpi.com or lavozalegre.com

We are pre-launching this new website, to get your feedback, before our official launch January 1, 2014. From day one your feedback will help us tweak it for greater success.  Please send any comment to cpioutreach@icloud.com.

Mission Statement: Accelerating Latin American Evangelism Through Media
Our Goal: 
 Christian Productions International works with churches of Christ dedicated to sharing the message of Christ with everyone God puts in our lives, listens to the radio, watches TV, and accesses the Internet via computer, tablet, or smartphone.
What We Offer: Free Spanish Bible teaching radio programs, television programs, and free Bible courses in Spanish and English.
Internet Toolbox: Listen, Watch, Share: Enjoy sharing your faith in Christ through audio and video messages, in Spanish, that will help you reach out to your Latin American friends and neighbors.

Listen to hundreds of radio messages from the Spanish radio program La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice being listened to and enjoyed throughout Latin America.


Watch up to 137 episodes of the Spanish television program: Con La Biblia Abierta, With the Open Bible.
Share Jesus with someone who speaks Spanish.  Sharing all of our programs through social media gives another dimension to friendship evangelism. Also, you can access broadcast quality radio and television messages to rebroadcast on your local station or use as content on your website.
Broadcasting: The radio program La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice can be heard in Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico on Trans World Radio 800 AM every
Sunday night from 9:00 – 10:00 PM.  Also, broadcasting on WINB every Monday night and WWCR every Wednesday night. 
These are 2 shortwave stations reaching all of Latin America. TWR360.org now broadcasts our radio programs on their searchable Internet platform on demand.
The television program Con La Biblia Abierta, With the Open Bible continues to help evangelize and plant churches wherever they are watched via DVD, Internet, and some local broadcasts.
Monthly Updates: What’s Going On?This is a monthly e-newsletter, to keep you informed about the exciting events and projects reaching Latin Americans with the message of Christ.
Wow, and there’s more! The searchable content on this website, dev1.floridaswebdesign.com/cpi, will continue to grown each month for your use and for the use of all who are reaching Latin Americans around the world.  We look forward to hearing your helpful input. Working together we can play a vital part in the growth of God’s kingdom

Speaking the truth in love,we will grow to become in every respect the

mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.

From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament,

grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

Ephesians 4:15-16


What’s Going On? October 2013

 Wow, they are ready to write fresh gripping messages about

their love for Christ on the airwaves, Internet, and other media platforms.

     Who are they?

They are the future ministers and leaders for the Church of Christ in Latin America who studying at the Baxter Institute in Honduras.
Sixty-one students attended the 2 day workshop, along with several local preachers.
How do you write for the ear?
How do you share Christ with an audience you can’t see?
How do you present yourself to a radio station to
contract airtime for your Christ-centered program?
These and many other topics kept the discussions lively.
Personal stories were told as the scripts were written and recorded.  Some giggled with nervousness as they began to record while
others cried tears of sorrow as they shared their midnight struggles with a sick child.
Watch and enjoy the very first Taller de la radio at Baxter.
Click Photo…


 Click on picture.
Thank you for support and prayers, which make all this possible.

Exciting News!

Click on the TWR360.org logo and share the Good News of Christ with a Spanish-speaking friend.


La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice, programs can now be heard
around the world on this Internet broadcasting network.
Look for these series
* Advice for Life
* Unforgettable Conversations with Jesus
* Life in Perspective
* Biblical Archeology
* Heart Cries
* and more

Radio Broadcast La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) is broadcasting weekly on:Trans World Radio 800 AM reaching Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Sundays 8:00-9:00 PM ET

Sponsored By:
Click on logo to visit:



WINB shortwave is reaching all of Latin America, Monday night at 6:00-7:00 PM EST Streaming On-line: www.winb.com

WWCR shortwave is 6.875 MHz is reaching Cuba and Latin America from Nashville, TN, Wednesday afternoon 5:00-6:00 PM EST


World Christian Broadcasting, preparing to begin broadcasting
La Voz Alegre
As you go preach this message, The kingdom of God is near.
Matthew 10:7

What’s Going On? September 2013

 Using the power of the sun to share the Good News of the power of the Son!


“So, you turn it on like this and I can hear the whole
Bible?” Ammiel asked.
Yes, the 19 solar radios that were given to the church in Cuba are programmed with the entire Old and New Testament.  The radio is also locked on the frequency
that our program La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice, airs on every Sunday night.
Time for a test drive
How clear is the radio’s reception around the country?
Preachers from all over Cuba were given a solar radio to gather “intel” on where the program La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice, can be heard.  Is the signal clear on the western end of the island or better in the central zones?
Solar radios. Yeah! No more expensive and hard to find
The radio holds a 12 hour charge from the sun.  
Everyone wants to give it a try!
Future Use: These results will guide our development plans on how to use this evangelism tool to share the message of Christ.
Please pray for this effort and the preachers
who carry the Word out to the people of Cuba.
Faith comes by hearing the message, and the message is heard through  the word of Christ.  Romans 10:17
Good News!  
Many people write in every week requesting help to study the Bible and learn more about God.
Prayer Request: Please pray for travel blessings on our upcoming workshop in Honduras.
Radio Production Workshop
Place: Baxter Institute 
When: September 5-6 
Speaker: Rex Morgan 
Team: Brenda Morgan, Mario and Iliana
All 61 students, faculty, and preachers are invited to
Purpose: To train students to effectively use media in their ministry.
WEBSITE: lavozalegre.com or dev1.floridaswebdesign.com/cpi

Radio Broadcast La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) is broadcasting weekly on:Trans World Radio 800 AM reaching Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Sundays 8:00-9:00 PM ET

Sponsored By:
Click on logo to visit: 

WINB shortwave is reaching all of Latin America, Monday night at 6:00-7:00 PM EST Streaming On-line: www.winb.com
WWCR shortwave is 6.875 MHz is reaching Cuba and Latin America from Nashville, TN,

Wednesday afternoon 5:00-6:00 PM EST

World Christian Broadcasting, preparing to begin broadcasting
La Voz Alegre
Faith comes by hearing the message, and the message is 
heard through  the word of Christ.  
Romans 10:17

What’s Going On? August 2013


Reaching out to the Latin American World

Were any people saved at the Youth Conference in Cuba?
Yes, Yes, and Yes! There were 25 baptisms and many
rededicated their lives to Christ.
The feeling of renewal and encouragement brought a special light
to everyone’s eyes. Laughter and joy were seen and heard everywhere as the young people from all over Cuba arrived by cars,trains,trucks, and busses for
this once-a-year spiritual event.
So many people experienced a new beginning in Christ. This brought
hope to everyone involved in the conference: teens, chaperons, travelers from the
“Real Love” in contrast to superficial love was
taught and experienced throughout the week.
Where do I go from here? Spiritual growth begins by
developing a stronger faith and personal relationship with Jesus. Let the Word
of God live powerfully in all of us.
Lives were changed eternally!
Thank you Madison Church of Christ for sponsoring and
blessing the Youth Conference in Cuba. Thank you CPI partners and friends for
your support and prayers!
More Good News! Solar radios programmed with the entire Old and New Testament were freely shared and gratefully received.


A first reaction?
“Wow, that will be great for Freddie, our brother in
the church who is blind!
Now he will be able to hear God’s word anytime he wants
RADIO • GOOD NEWS • Internet

Radio Broadcast La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) is broadcasting weekly on:Trans World Radio 800 AM reaching Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Sundays 8:00-9:00 PM ET

Sponsored By:
Click on logo to visit: 

WINB shortwave is reaching all of Latin America, Monday night at 6:00-7:00 PM EST Streaming On-line: www.winb.com
WWCR shortwave is 6.875 MHz is reaching Cuba and Latin America from Nashville, TN,

Wednesday afternoon 5:00-6:00 PM EST


World Christian Broadcasting, preparing to begin broadcasting
La Voz Alegre
Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the
believers in word, in
conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
I Timothy 4:12