APRIL 2010

WE ARE ON THE AIR! I can’t say that everything started off without a March Madness glitch. That’s the “way it goes” in the world of media broadcasting.
• March 1st, Monday night at 9:00, I was in my backyard with my hand-held short wave radio checking for the new signal that would go right into Cuba, and reach as far as Argentina. My first efforts to locate the signal sounded like I was receiving messages from outer space aliens. When I finally was able to tune in, someone else’s English broadcast program was running because the station was having technical difficulty.
Ok, we had a false start.
• March 8th success! At 9:00 PM EST we were “on the air” in SPANISH. The programming also began streaming on the WWRB.org web site.
• March 15th… I tuned in with confidence only to hear the English broadcast again. March Madness! After a bit of station consultaion, at the top of the hour at 10:00 PM, the Spanish program was on the air.
• On March 22nd, I called the station before 9:00 PM just to check on the program, and got a surprise! Our broadcast was not only on the air; we had been on since 8:00 PM. A gift of an extra hour.

I know that we don’t live in a perfect world, but God continues to work things out for His good purpose.
Getting on the air in Cuba has never been easy, but now it is on the air again. Remember you can listen our broadcast at WWRB.org , Monday 9:00 PM EST.

Have you thought about how to win an audience of unbelievers? Having been involved in directing some 25 Vacation Bible School over the years, I know there were certain elements that would attract non-members into our audience. We had to offer something that they needed. It was also a must to have good entertainment value to hold their attention. We served up great dramas, lessons, the cookies, punch, and even prizes. Over the years many came and received exactly what they desired. But, they also left with the message of Jesus on their hearts resulting in many conversions.

As we look to building an audience for our radio programming in Latin America I can’t help but ask the following question: What will Latin Americans tune-in to? I also ask” What did Jesus do to gather an audience?

Latin Americans are like people everywhere. They want good advice in several areas of life and good entertainment. While our main objective is to teach the audience about Jesus and his saving message, we must gain and maintain our audience to do so. Jesus gathered his audience several times by meeting the physical and emotional needs of the people he met along the way. While he healed, fed, and even wept with his audience he spoke to their hearts by using illustrations with family, health, finance, agriculture, and many other things that his audience could understand.

With this in mind, our basic radio format for Latin America is taking shape. Those who study and practice missions they understand the holistic method that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs that people have. Our format will be a holistic media missions approach. To reach the unbeliever looking for something good on the radio our one hour daily broadcast for World Christian Broadcasting will have the appearance of commercial radio. It will include several short segments that will give good advice in the following areas: Family, Health, Financial Matters, Agriculture, Youth Matters, Senior Issues, and more. There will even be some popular music with good messages. While the listener has tuned in for the above mentioned advice and entertainment, impactful spiritual messages will be woven between all of the advice and music the unbelieving listener was looking for. While we are meeting the needs of people seeking answers for their daily lives we pray that they will also request a free Bible course that will lead them to study God’s word and become Christians. I am grateful that we have the example of Jesus, who gave all he had to give, that he might save some.
With the above in mind, you may have an idea of, “What’s Going On?” We have been busy gathering the radio talent, scripts, and recordings that will make this type of radio broadcasting possible. Remember that while VBS is fun and games for some, it has been eternal salvation for others. I know that you will be praying for an audience that will tune-in, learn life lessons, and come to know Jesus. With, “Prayer Going On” the power of God will prepare the audience to receive His message.

Are you an expert in one of the fields mentioned above? Do you have information that would bless the lives of people in their daily lives? Can you put that information into several short attention getting scripts? Are you good at working with technology? How about translating into Spanish or Portuguese? What ever your expertise or talent, feel free to step up and work with us! Just give Rex Morgan a call: 954-309-2949

Carlos and Maribel Preciado, pictured with their children Giancarlos and Isabella, are helping with the translation and production of our radio programs. They are dedicated to spreading the gospel among Latin Americans in Pompano Beach, Florida. They are true soul winners. Let’s get to know them!

A spiritual experience that impacted your life was…

Carlos: When the Lord let Maribel go into Mexico City without a visa. In front of all the guards and with the Chief of Immigration making arrangements to deport her back to the U.S., we hugged and the Chief of Immigration came out of his office called us in and said, “I do not know why, but I’m going to let her in.” Then he left and said to everyone, “She stays.” Then he signed the paperwork. One of the guards said to the other guard, “They had to call to the highest power to make this happen!” The other guard asked, “Who, the Chief?” “No,” he replied. And with his finger he pointed up to the sky and said, “Him.”
Maribel: More recently it is the way God made us a family by bringing our (adopted) children Giancalos and Isabella into our lives. It brings tears to our eyes and a deep appreciation for God.

As a couple who has been married 12 years, one thing you enjoy doing together is…

Carlos: Go for long walks and talk. Have a nice dinner together. Go to the movies. Go for a couple of days somewhere we have not been.
Maribel: We love to sing, and we really enjoy putting the word of God to music. It is great when Carlos sometimes enters the house, opens the door and we are singing the same song.

When I was a child one of my favorite heroes was…

Carlos: My Dad. My parents divorced when I was nine so I never saw any flaws in him because he was not around for the most part of my life. To this day I still think he is a great guy and a hero to many that know him.
Maribel: Superman, I believed he helped everyone. Also, Wonder Woman.

Translating and recording radio programs for broadcasting in Latin America is exciting to us because…

Carlos: It is a unique opportunity to use the gifts and abilities that God has given us to spread His word. We are honored to be able to do it.
Maribel: The idea of this ministry, of media and communication, excites me. When we are seeing our creator face to face, the radio work will continue to impact lives in every corner of the world. It is beautiful to think about that.

A great day in South Florida means….

Carlos: I would say a great day in South Florida is when we meet someone and share with them the love of Christ.
Maribel: As, our son, Giancarlo said in a recent conversation. I asked him, “How did your day go at the park?” He said, “Ma, it was excellent!” I responded, “Oh yeah..Did you have fun?” He answered enthusiastically, “Yes ma, I met some people at the park and I talked to them about Christ!”

Old and New Friends Team Up for the Lord

Carlos Gonzales and
Rex Morgan
World Christian Broacasting

As we begin developing radio programming for Latin America, God opens doors with both new and old friends that have the same interest as we do, winning lost souls! In the months to come, I will be introducing you to people that will be using their talents to bring Christ-centered messages.

Great music will be a major part of our programming. We pray that listeners looking for inspirational music, with wonderful messages, will tune in to KNLS, the World Christian Broadcasting station, and enjoy what they hear as they wait for spiritual guidance that will impact their lives.

To reach this goal, we have been talking to Carlos Gonzales. Carlos is the producer, composer, singer, and editor for the Spanish language A Capella quartet, “Voces”. He has already sent us several recordings that will be a blessing to this ministry. In addition, Carlos, as an expert in music, will be a close advisor to Rex for all of our selections in music. Carlos is also the Involvement Minister for the Inland Valley Church of Christ in Los Angeles, a bilingual congregation. Recently, Carlos visited the World Christian Broadcasting studios in Franklin, Tennessee with Rex. Taking note of all of the language groups being reached by this ministry he responded: “We are way behind in reaching Latin America, let’s get busy!”

Luis Zepeda Mir from the Nogales Church of Christ in Santiago, Chile writes:
Greetings in the love or the Lord:

On Friday, March 6th Susana Rojas , an 87 year old grandmother was baptized. She is from the community of Conchali in Santiago.

Also on the 28th of February and March 1st four of us, Jorge Paredes Lelie Carreno, Yanina Vergara and I visited the church of Christ in Chillan which is located in the eighth region of our courntry. There were eleven of us that met.

We also were able to travel to the church of Christ in Curico in the seventh region. On this trip, one of our elders from Los Nogales, Luis Araya and his wife Edith, and me participated together. The church in Cuiro consits of two members and began just recently last year.

All of these activities are part of the project we call the “Vocational Training of Workers”. During this year we will travel throughout all of Chile sharing seminars. We ask for your prayers for these activities and that God will bless you in your ministries.

A Note from Rex Morgan:
Isn’t it great to hear how our brothers and sisters in Latin America are traveling from place to place teaching, baptizing and then giving ongoing training? I know personally that these brethren from the church of Christ in Los Nogales journey up and down the nation of Chile to follow-up on every interested contact. Take time to share their activities with your children’s Bible classes to inspire them. Show them how that Christians today are going on missionary journeys as they follow the great example of the apostle Paul and others in the first century.

You may also encourage Luis Zepeda Mir by having your class write him, or children at his congregation, a letter of encouragement at:
Antartica #4072 B – Población Los Nogales – Estación Central
08-6446310- 7786394 ó 09-9880490
Iglesia de Cristo de Población Los Nogales
Alpatacal #1883 – Estación Central
Santiago – Chile

The Indian Ocean and Latin America

An island set in the Indian Ocean 248 miles off the south east coast of Africa. It sounds romantic. But that’s not the reason the location is being used to communicate with those who speak the romance languages of Spanish and Portugues. So, what does the Indian Ocean have to do with reaching Latin America?

We will reach Latin America from our site in the Indian Ocean. This is definitely God doing, “exceedingly abundantly above all that we may ask or think”. But, when God opens the door, we reach out and place our hand in His, then walk through the door with Him. When World Christian Broadcasting invited me to be Sr. Producer for Latin America the question arose, how can we produce daily radio programs for shortwave and continue to stay on the air with our television programs?

The answer came by forming a partnering relationship between Christian Productions International (CPI) and World Christian Broadcasting (WCB). As a result, CPI’s television programs “With the Open Bible” continue on the air in 23 countries’ including our 50 states. We see the opportunity to cross a new frontier from the Indian Ocean with WCB on shortwave radio and the Internet as a God blessed opportunity. The BBC reports that 187,000 households in Latin America listen to shortwave radio. It is also a medium that cannot be blocked by boarders or governments.

Today four shortwave towers and station are being built on the site that will reach the Arabic speaking world, Africa, India, and Latin America. By faith, we plan to produce enough daily one hour radio programs to be on the air 365 days a year in Spanish and with the same goal in Portuguese.

Our Audience Defines Our Format

Our target audience is unbelievers who would never tune into purely religious broadcasting. Our main goal is to teach our listeners about Jesus and his saving message. We will strive to meet our listeners right where they are at in their needs. To do that we need to know where they are at culturally, socially, economically, their health issues, and most importantly their spiritual needs. With this in mind our program format is developing as a magazine of topics that will encourage success, keeping the listener tuned in, then, spiritual messages are woven throughout the hour. These messages will give them the opportunity to receive free Bible study materials.

A recent agreement with Health Talents International serves as an example of how we will utilize the talents we have in the church to develop this holistic media missions approach. Doctors and Nurse Practitioners working with HTI will write and record health tips that will be a regular part of our programming. Just as Jesus showed compassion toward the sick and their needs our expression of love and concern will be felt in the homes and hearts of our listeners. It is our hope that once they understand that we care about their physical and emotional issues, they will respond and get the help they need for their eternal souls.

Carlos and Maribel Preciado Plant New Congregation, in Pompano, Florida with the Help of Jim Holway and our Latin American Mission Project

The Preciado Famly

The Preciados with Jim and Katherine Holway

Lance Morgan with Carlos Preciado at Pompano location.

Lance Morgan leading Memphis mission group in Pompano

The first worship service at Pompano was held on August 17th. More than 100 attended. They were members from several South Florida congregations, a testimony of how the churches encourage one another. It shows the love and respect that the Preciado family have from members across South Florida. Please keep this family and new work in your prayers.

For more information on LAMP go to: www.lampmiami.com

Madagascar? Partnering With World Christian Broadcasting We Will Reach Latin America and Beyond

Rex Morgan invites Latin American and broadcasting experts to a think-tank in Dallas for our World Christian Broadcasting Latin American radio production.

In the spirit of cooperation and partnership Rex Morgan will team up with World Christian Broadcasting to serve as Sr. Producer for Latin America from Miami, Florida. With an understanding that our mission outreach, through television and radio programs, in the Spanish-speaking world must continue; Christian Productions International will work with WCB to produce daily radio programs in Spanish and Portuguese.

A plan now being developed to include our universities, Bible institutes and many others in script writing and recording. As a result we will work on building a library of materials for broadcasting that our producers can draw from daily.

World Christian Broadcasting has been broadcasting from Alaska for the past 25 years into China, Russian, and the Pacific Rim. They are now in the process of building shortwave towers in Madagascar that will target Africa, the Middle East in Arabic, and all of Latin America in Portuguese and Spanish. Also, as part of our agreement WCB will launch an Internet Radio Station that will broadcast the radio programs 24/7. This will reach, yet, a greater number of listeners.


The faithfulness of Timothy Archer of the Herald of Truth, Jorge Pineda of World Radio, and Efrain Valverde, on the air in Cuba daily continue to give great hope to our Cuban neighbors. Tony Fernandez, in Cuba, continues his effective follow-up and souls continue to be saved!

To send hurricane relief donations that will help recovery from IKE,
contact Healing Hands International: 615-832-2000.


Wow! Every Monday night our television program “Con La Biblia Abierta” enters the homes of Dish Network subscribers, and the number of responses increases every week. When I called the Sycamore Church of Christ in Cookville, TN about moving, by faith, to reach Hispanics in our 50 states, we didn’t know what God had in store. But, each week the amount of contacts have grown. The World Bible School staff in Austin, TX has continued to recruit Spanish-speaking teachers, and more seekers are into the Word. This is a testimony to God’s power, the faith of the church, and the reality that hundreds of souls want to take the time to study God’s Word, given the opportunity.