What’s Going On? November 2011

FROM REX MORGAN Baby Steps or Giant Leaps in Cuba and the Caribbean? La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice was launched with prayers and hopeful expectation on Trans World Radio, October 2, 2011 Across the Caribbean at 800 AM Every Sunday night 9:00 – 10:00 PM EST So, how did it go? Great! The initial […]

What’s Going On? October 2011

FROM REX MORGAN Reaching out to the Latin American World On a desk in Cuba there are a handful of letters from people who want to know more about the Gospel. They heard La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice while at work or while cooking dinner for their family on WINB shortwave radio broadcast. Yes, […]

What’s Going On? September 2011

FROM REX MORGAN Cuba,have you been waiting for the door to open? Well, it just did! Trans World Radio on 800 AM will soon begin broadcasting La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice Sunday Nights: 9:00 – 10:00 Our Cuban brothers have requested this project, worked to train ministers to do the follow-up, and had great […]

What’s Going On? August 2011

Cuba, the Caribbean, and Venezuela Your Help is Needed for a New Opportunity to Share Christ Sitting on top of the Morro Castle in Havana one evening, I thought about the many Christian ministers and believers who had been held as prisoners in the Castle during the last 50 years, some I know personally. During […]

What’s Going On? July 2011

CUBA – 2011 Christ in Cuba Many people believe they will never be able to share Christ in Cuba. For many years this was true. But, now a new energy and a trained ministry force is emerging in Cuba from a long history of religious repression. I praise God every day that I have the […]

What’s Going On? June 2011

What do the Dominican Republic, Miami, California, and Madagascar have in common? La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice radio program Santos Feliz Ruiz traveled from Barahona, Dominican Republic to Miami, then on to join me in California at the Pepperdine Lectureships to represent World Christian Broadcasting(WCB). We recorded, in front of a live audience, the […]

What’s Going On? May 2011

By Rex Morgan People… Why do they want to be trained to share Christ on the radio and Internet? Sharing Christ! That is the reason many gathered again this month to continue their training in script development, the process of presenting a clear message, and radio production techniques. ¡Me encanta compartir la palabra de Dios! […]

What’s Going On? April 2011

By Rex Morgan How are you sharing Christ? Let’s see… It’s a warm Saturday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. What activities could you do to relax after a week of work in South Florida? Go to the beach, a park, or a Christian radio seminar? One by one 27 people arrived at our radio production […]

What’s Going On? March 2011

By Rex Morgan “O hermano Rex, cuantos años han pasado en el trabajo del Señor…” “Dear Brother Rex, how many years have passed in the work of the Lord…” So many wonderful warm hugs and sweet kisses from our sisters and brothers in Christ were seen everywhere during the Dia de Confraternidad, Day of Brotherly […]

What’s Going On? February 2011

By Rex Morgan And the angels rejoice… The angels rejoiced in heaven again this month! Guillermina had her doubts. Her son, Bill, had gone off and joined the Church of Christ youth group all on his own. So she rejected Bill’s new faith, but that wasn’t enough to bring him back to her. Later, Bill […]

Greetings from Rex Morgan

WHAT’S GOING ON? January 2011 Happy New Year! Media is everywhere. From the rural farmer to the city business person, from the streets to the high-rises of South America and beyond, access to electronic technology is multiplying around the world. It’s a technological tsunami of opportunity for Christians to share the loving message of Christ! […]

Season’s Greetings from Rex Morgan

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from us at Christian Productions International. Would You Like to Buy a Snowball? Who’s ever heard of buying a snowball? Freezing hands and bright laughter on a cold snowy day are the snowball memories we share. That’s the wintery playful snowball! This snowball is used to spread the loving, […]

Are you looking for sound advice for yourself and your family? Millions of people throughout Latin America are doing the same. What is the meaning of life? How can I find happiness? My children, how can they have the hope of having a “good” future? Our new Spanish radio program La Voz Alegre, The Happy […]

Empowering Workers with Media

October 2010 University Students: Post-modern, or not, they love using media! Listening to students record radio scripts and negotiating for radio airtime was a thrill. It was all a part of a series of special classes in Spanish which I taught at the 87th Harding Bible Lectureship. Harding students practice recording radio scripts • La […]

Latin America’s Got Talent!

September 2010 Yes, discovering the most talented people to put on radio is work! This summer our search put me at the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando. Julio and Fior Betia (right), actually recorded some of the episodes of their program, “Cooking with the open Bible,” while at the workshop. Some of the speakers were […]

One Dollar A Minute!

AUGUST 2010 One dollar a minute, that is the cost of reaching Cuba with the message of Christ. The radio station, WRMI is designed to send a clear signal to saturate the Caribbean, especially Cuba. This signal also reaches as far as Mexico, Central America and parts of South America. WRMI has distributed hundreds of […]

From Chef to Cooking for the Lord

JULY 2010 What is it about that special moment when God transforms your life? For Julio and Fior Betia, it was a perfect moment which blended their passion for cooking and their love for sharing Christ with others. In the new radio program Cocinando, Con la Biblia Abierta, the Betias dice crisp vegetables and slice […]

¡Que Sabroso!

JUNE 2010 On the side of a mountian in Colombia grows the richest coffee in the world. This is according to my friend and fellow minister Alberto Castañeda. He lives at the very foot of the mountain where Juan Valdez coffee is grown. Last month he handed me a bag of Valdez’s freshly ground coffee […]

MAY 2010 Fishing in Venezuela? I have been fishing many times. What I have learned is that I have always needed fresh bait. Stepping into the wave I feel the tug and the pull of the tide. The roar of the surf is in my ears as I turn with my weighted net in my […]

MAY 2010 Fishing in Venezuela? I have been fishing many times. What I have learned is that I have always needed fresh bait. Stepping into the wave I feel the tug and the pull of the tide. The roar of the surf is in my ears as I turn with my weighted net in my […]