What’s Going On? December 2012

FROM REX MORGAN Reaching out to the Latin American World We are so glad that you care about us!     From Barahona, Dominican Republic and across the Caribbean to Cuba. Every Sunday night La Voz Alegre radio program shares the gospel of Jesus with people, and they are listening and responding. “Pura Vida”, the Good Life, […]

What’s Going On? November 2012

FROM REX MORGAN Reaching out to the Latin American World Dear Friends: People flip, scan or surf the radio channels in hope of finding something that will improve their lives.  In Cuba it is much more challenging for people seeking a better life, since the free flow of information is limited by the restrictions of […]

What’s Going On? October 2012

FROM REX MORGAN Reaching out to the Latin American World MEXICO: WHAT ARE WE TO DO? WE HAVE NO PREACHER TO PREACH THE GOOD NEWS TO US! New Christians need the right nutrients and nourishment, from the word of God, for their faith to grow strong and healthy. This is what is happening at a new […]

What’s Going On? September 2012

FROM REX MORGAN Reaching out to the Latin American World Cuba Youth Conference 2012 is a Huge Success!   250 or more young people:   singing, praying, sharing their faith …Beautiful! -Her father left Cuba 5 years ago for Miami.  He’s a doctor there now, but she aches to hear from him. -He tries not […]

What’s Going On? August 2012

FROM REX MORGAN Reaching out to the Latin American World Meet Maribel and Carlos Preciado!   Directors for the Spiritual Growth Workshop – Orlando, FL Walking through the halls of the Rosen Hotel and  seeing the fellowship of Christian brothers and sisters hugging and greeting one another was delightful!   The 3 Amigos: Rex, Carlos […]

What’s Going On? July 2012

FROM REX MORGAN Reaching out to the Latin American World Positive Response to the Gospel via the Media   What does that have to do with a man and a bike?       Meeting Vladimir Sedeño Diaz for the first time in Cuba was an exciting moment. He introduced himself to me and said, […]

What’s Going On? June 2012

From Rex Morgan Rex Morgan, Ammiel Perez, and Luis Estrada “Now is the time to help the church in Cuba!” What can bring representatives of 20 church of Christ ministries and congregations together in one place to spend a Saturday? Answer: The unified interest in sharing Jesus with our Cuban neighbors to the south of us. We were […]

What’s Going On? May 2012

From Rex Morgan Enjoy the Day! People are responding to the gospel’s message of hope and peace for their lives. Letters and phone calls pour in after every broadcast. Televisions are on and people are examining their lives, then asking for help. Radio listeners are driving in their cars, working in offices, involved in the […]

What’s Going On? April 2012

From Rex Morgan Just Who Is Listening? “Wow, I have recorded a lot of preachers and religious programs, but none has impacted me like these segments on Biblical Archeology”. These are the words of a radio-recording technician that was recording our programming. Even before we have placed these radio segments on the air they are […]

What’s Going On? March 2012

From: Rex Morgan Brazil and World Christian Broadcasting God Has Plans! As we share His message each day we pray that our plans are His plans. Brazil is a nation of 192,376,496 souls; that’s the 2011 official Brazilian government’s estimate. Wow! That’s a gigantic number.That’s a number that can only be reached using every opportunity […]

What’s Going On? February 2012

FROM REX MORGAN Reaching out to the Latin American World A New Generation, A New Television Program For The Future: Viva Vida ​ By Luis Estrada Producer-Host Christian Productions International (CPI) is moving forward with the television ministry. For years, Con La Biblia Abierta, has been the TV program used to win souls for Christ. […]

What’s Going On January 2012

WONDERFUL NEWS! Traveling to the mission field involves a lot of prayer, planning, and shipping those basic necessities that will help the missionary live and share the message of Jesus in a foreign land. I remember arriving with Brenda and our two young children in Papua New Guinea, PNG, in December of 1977. Although we […]

What’s Going On? December 2011

FROM REX MORGAN Conversations with people… How is Christ working in your world? News from Cuba La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) With the strongest reception on the eastern half of the nation, requests for Bible courses and prayers have come in this month from all over the country. Reports from Matanzas, Cuba let us […]

What’s Going On? November 2011

FROM REX MORGAN Baby Steps or Giant Leaps in Cuba and the Caribbean? La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice was launched with prayers and hopeful expectation on Trans World Radio, October 2, 2011 Across the Caribbean at 800 AM Every Sunday night 9:00 – 10:00 PM EST So, how did it go? Great! The initial […]

What’s Going On? October 2011

FROM REX MORGAN Reaching out to the Latin American World On a desk in Cuba there are a handful of letters from people who want to know more about the Gospel. They heard La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice while at work or while cooking dinner for their family on WINB shortwave radio broadcast. Yes, […]

What’s Going On? September 2011

FROM REX MORGAN Cuba,have you been waiting for the door to open? Well, it just did! Trans World Radio on 800 AM will soon begin broadcasting La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice Sunday Nights: 9:00 – 10:00 Our Cuban brothers have requested this project, worked to train ministers to do the follow-up, and had great […]

What’s Going On? August 2011

Cuba, the Caribbean, and Venezuela Your Help is Needed for a New Opportunity to Share Christ Sitting on top of the Morro Castle in Havana one evening, I thought about the many Christian ministers and believers who had been held as prisoners in the Castle during the last 50 years, some I know personally. During […]

What’s Going On? July 2011

CUBA – 2011 Christ in Cuba Many people believe they will never be able to share Christ in Cuba. For many years this was true. But, now a new energy and a trained ministry force is emerging in Cuba from a long history of religious repression. I praise God every day that I have the […]

What’s Going On? June 2011

What do the Dominican Republic, Miami, California, and Madagascar have in common? La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice radio program Santos Feliz Ruiz traveled from Barahona, Dominican Republic to Miami, then on to join me in California at the Pepperdine Lectureships to represent World Christian Broadcasting(WCB). We recorded, in front of a live audience, the […]

What’s Going On? May 2011

By Rex Morgan People… Why do they want to be trained to share Christ on the radio and Internet? Sharing Christ! That is the reason many gathered again this month to continue their training in script development, the process of presenting a clear message, and radio production techniques. ¡Me encanta compartir la palabra de Dios! […]