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Do you remember when a friend shared Jesus with you? Now, think of a Spanish-speaking friend who has a personal or spiritual need. Share these short online spiritual messages to give them hope and understanding: Parenting Tips The Transforming Power of Prayer Who is Jesus? The Inscription of Pilate A Man Sent by God Love The Best […]

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   What’s Going On? March 2014 Share the Words of Jesus With Our Spanish-Speaking Friends    Reaching the Latin American World   Roberto Pino Shares a Listener Update from Cuba Roberto Pino directs the training of preachers in Cuba, serves as an elder, and is in charge of the follow-up of our radio listeners.  He […]

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How Can We Share the Words of Jesus With Our Spanish-Speaking Friends ? Reaching out to the Latin American World English or Spanish Español o Inglés Sharing Christ’s Message of hope was never easier!  Go to:                               […]

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The Happy Voice Radio Hour Reaching out to the Latin American World Let’s reach out and share Christ’s love together! Your involvement in evangelism through this ministry is touching hundreds and even thousands of lives.  Media is today’s tool to reach out to each individual in their home, behind their closed door.  These spiritual and […]