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   What’s Going On? March 2014 Share the Words of Jesus With Our Spanish-Speaking Friends    Reaching the Latin American World   Roberto Pino Shares a Listener Update from Cuba Roberto Pino directs the training of preachers in Cuba, serves as an elder, and is in charge of the follow-up of our radio listeners.  He […]

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How Can We Share the Words of Jesus With Our Spanish-Speaking Friends ? Reaching out to the Latin American World English or Spanish Español o Inglés Sharing Christ’s Message of hope was never easier!  Go to:                               […]

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The Happy Voice Radio Hour Reaching out to the Latin American World Let’s reach out and share Christ’s love together! Your involvement in evangelism through this ministry is touching hundreds and even thousands of lives.  Media is today’s tool to reach out to each individual in their home, behind their closed door.  These spiritual and […]

What’s Going On? December 2013

  Reaching out to the Latin American World   A Picture Is Worth … Maybe,A Baby’s Sight? Sadie was born blind.  Her doctors in Guatemala told her mother, soon after her birth in 2012, that there was nothing they could do to help her to see. But, that all changed for Sadie and her family […]

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Reaching out to the Latin American World Your Internet Toolbox for Communicating Christ’s Saving Message to Spanish-speaking Latin Americans in their Own Language This bilingual website is designed to reach the lost, respond to their needs, and to empower ministers, teachers, and members with tools to teach their Latin American neighbors and friends. Go to: […]

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 Wow, they are ready to write fresh gripping messages about their love for Christ on the airwaves, Internet, and other media platforms.      Who are they? They are the future ministers and leaders for the Church of Christ in Latin America who studying at the Baxter Institute in Honduras. Sixty-one students attended the 2 day workshop, along with […]

What’s Going On? September 2013

 Using the power of the sun to share the Good News of the power of the Son!   “So, you turn it on like this and I can hear the whole Bible?” Ammiel asked.   Yes, the 19 solar radios that were given to the church in Cuba are programmed with the entire Old and New Testament.  […]

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  Reaching out to the Latin American World Were any people saved at the Youth Conference in Cuba? Yes, Yes, and Yes! There were 25 baptisms and many rededicated their lives to Christ. The feeling of renewal and encouragement brought a special light to everyone’s eyes. Laughter and joy were seen and heard everywhere as the […]

What’s Going On? July 2013

Reaching out to the Latin American World. Some people are just fun to be around. Is it their smile, the things they say, or that they have a great attitude about life?That is what it felt like when Ubert Romero and Jose Castillo Jr. were recording Verdadero Vida, The Real Life, in the studio together. […]

What’s Going On? June 2013

Reaching out to the Latin American World Listen, Watch, and Share Have you ever wondered, “God, how can we multiply our efforts to share your Word?” Last week, Alexander emailed from El Salvador with a special request, “Please send us radio programs that we can broadcast on our local radio station.”  He added, “For many […]