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MAY 2010

Fishing in Venezuela?
I have been fishing many times. What I have learned is that I have always needed fresh bait.

Stepping into the wave I feel the tug and the pull of the tide. The roar of the surf is in my ears as I turn with my weighted net in my arms ready to cast it freely into the surf. I swiftly grab the pull rope and tug the weighted net to my feet. What do I see? What do I get? …
Casting the net for the first time on a network always makes you wonder, whose attention will you catch? The first response, “Would it be someone in Cuba?” That would be a natural conclusion. But God sent our signal beyond Cuba into Venezuela where “he” was waiting. José Elías was listing to our program on marriage and the family, The Guide of the Family, Abba Father.

“Modern couples need marriage counseling to hold their relationship together. The inscrutability of the modern life and the strong influence of individualism, threaten the survival of home and family. Anyway, marriage counseling becomes a crucial benefit to the survival of union and family.”
-thoughts from Venezuela

Having answers for Carlos Isaziga years ago resulted in his great Christian family.
Today he continues as a youth minister in Panama City, FL

Guide of the Family, Abba Father is a program that speaks to the needs of the modern Latin American family. Marriage, dealing with providing for your family, and raising children, needs specific advice from God. This advice is provided by the expertise of our Latin American speakers: Luis Rosas, Santos Feliz Ruiz, and Alberto Castañeda.

We are encouraged by Jose Elias’ response. We pray that as Jose studies the Bible through World Bible School he will be the first of many that will respond to our radio programs. I believe, as the Lord casts His net of the Gospel over Latin America He will lovingly reach out to all the people that are seeking Him.