What’s Going On? February 2012

Reaching out to the Latin American World
A New Generation, A New Television Program For The Future:
Viva Vida

By Luis Estrada
Christian Productions International (CPI) is moving forward with the television ministry. For years, Con La Biblia Abierta, has been the TV program used to win souls for Christ. It continues to be used to its maximum potential for the glory of God. Our new television program, Viva Vida, is now being developed and is based on the needs of this current generation.

Now there is a new generation of lost souls that have grown up with satellite TV, the Internet, reality programming, and instant messaging. These people want sincere answers to their questions. Viva Vida is if focused on reaching this generation for Christ.

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The following highlights the direction of the new television program:

Pilot Program Goal: January 2012 we began this great task by filming the pilot program. The thirty-minute pilot program will be made up of short segments, three to four-minutes, in a magazine style format. Each of these concise segments will deliver a complete message related to the overall Christ-centered theme of the program.

Focus: Each segment will deliver the Gospel of Christ, focusing on attracting the “unchurched” population to think about God. The intent of this program is to reach out to the lost. The quality must be such that a person not looking for God will be drawn to the program, choose to watch the program, and understand the love of Christ.

Elements: Some examples of segment elements under development that use every day life to teach about Christ are: Hispanic cultural segments, cooking/recipe segments, financial advice segments, family advice segments, health segments, Church of Christ ministries exposure segments, etc.

Media Outlets: Different media outlets will be utilized to distribute the message to people: television, Youtube, podcasts, downloads, and more…

Upgrades: Programs will be edited with closed captioning and/or subtitles, for the benefit of the hearing impaired, as well as, an aid for those using the program as an evangelistic tool.

Outreach: Development of a parallel website, Facebook, and twitter accounts to enhance the outreach potential for each person in our new audience.

Production Goal: After field testing the pilot, the program will be filmed and edited on the schedule of a series, or more, completed on a yearly basis.

Reaching Cuba Through Radio

Direct from Cuba and to a loving welcome at the Miami International Airport in January

Recently, I have been sharing with you the efforts to reach Cuba through radio. Going to Cuba, asking and listening to the advice of our brothers there have brought about our recent success.

Paving the way for us on radio in Cuba historically has been the Herald of Truth. They have given us guidance both from within Cuba and from their ministry based in Abilene, Texas.

While many of you know of their outreach over the years, you may not have been able to meet Tony Fernandez. He has been a vital part of leading a follow-up team of evangelists in Cuba that respond to radio programs produced by Timothy Archer, Lea La Biblia, and Juan Monroy, Heraldo de la Verdad. We have also been blessed by Tony’s efforts as he has included the listeners of our radio program La Voz Alegre in the efforts of his follow-up team.

This spirit of fellowship in our common cause to share Christ is enabling us all to reach more souls. We thank the Herald of Truth for their vision in reaching the lost.

Tony plans to be in Abilene, Texas and Harding University during a visit to the USA. If you get a chance to meet him please encourage him and the Herald of Truth ministry.

Don’t pass up the opportunity!

Weekly Broadcasting on TV and Radio to all of the Americas

Website: http://www.theopenbible.com/

TV Broadcast on the air each week on the following networks:
The Family Christian Network, a Spanish Language network reaching all of Latin America every Friday night at 8:00 PM CT.

Dish Network: Alma vision reaching all 50 of the United States
Mondays 9:00 PM EST

La Familia Cosmovision with 560 channels in the USA,
Thursdays 9:30 PM PT

Mega TV 22 reaching all of South Florida,
Friday 12:00 Midnight EST

Radio Broadcast La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) is broadcasting weekly on:

Trans World Radio 800 AM reaching Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Sundays 8:00-9:00 PM ET

WNQM 1300 AM reaching all of Nashville, TN every Wednesday night at 9:00 PM CT

WINB shortwave is reaching all of Latin America, Monday night at 6:00-7:00 PM EST Streaming On-line: www.winb.com

WWCR shortwave is reaching Cuba and Latin America from Nashville, TN, Wednesday afternoon 5:00-6:00 PM EST

World Christian Broadcasting, preparing begin broadcasting
La Voz Alegre daily in 2012.

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26