What’s Going On? March 2011

By Rex Morgan “O hermano Rex, cuantos años han pasado en el trabajo del Señor…” “Dear Brother Rex, how many years have passed in the work of the Lord…” So many wonderful warm hugs and sweet kisses from our sisters and brothers in Christ were seen everywhere during the Dia de Confraternidad, Day of Brotherly Love. Since 1984, this time of refreshing and Biblical instruction has lifted our hearts from the everyday struggles and cares of life. What a joy to worship and fellowship with more than 500 of our loving Latin American Christian friends. Teaching & Challenging the youth to own up to Christ, name Him as their Savior, and share Him with their friends and family. I shared with them the idea of using technology for evangelism. Asking the teens, “How many of you have more knowledge about technology than your parents?” Almost all 65 present raised their hands immediately! Channeling young men and women’s knowledge of computers, smart phones, and social media for Christ is important now, and for the future. Signing up for the Radio Production Training Seminar Future: Who will reach out to people with the word of God answering their tough questions? Why should God care for me? Who is God and how can I get close to him? Marriage: Why stay married for life? Who does that? Why should I keep my child? No one cared for me. God knows the right people to do this and he has been sending them my way. There is a lot of excitement among God’s people. Many want to be trained in radio/Internet/media production so they can reach out to the struggling mother or drug ensnared father with God’s word. So, February 23 and 24th the Siempre Familia team in Dallas were trained.

They have very creative and different ideas for developing their programming. Do you enjoy a good laugh? The Siempre Familia team wants to use comedic dramas about family life to interest people in following Christ. Reality with humor, a great attention getter! Pray for them and the people they serve.

I’m excited about the future. May God continue to bless us as we serve Him.

Radio • Good News • Television – Christ’s Message Meeting the Masses
23 Countries and across the United States
Con La Biblia Abierta / With the Open Bible
Enlace: Thursdays 3:30 PM CT
USA: Dish Network 9413: Mondays 9:00 PM EST
Mega TV 22 South Florida: Friday 12:00 Midnight EST

Monday night at 9:00-10:00 PM EST
La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice is broadcasting to Cuba and the Americas from
Radio Miami International, WRMI 9.955 kHz shortwave.
Streaming On-line: www.wrmi.net
Monday night at 6:00-7:00 PM EST
La Voz Alegre, The Happy Voice is broadcasting to USA, Cuba and the
Americas from Red Lion, PA WINB 9.265 kHz shortwave.
Streaming On-line: www.winb.com Invite your friends to listen!

Future, in 2012:
KNLS World Christian Broadcasting begins transmitting from Madagascar, covering Latin America!

People are seeking the saving message of Christ.
2011 Update: 834 souls have already responded
2010: Over 4,315 people responded to our media outreach.
The requests for prayers and Bible studies continue to pour in.
Please pray that the loving message of Christ will reach souls and transform
their lives.

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect… I Peter 3 15