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Carlos and Maribel Preciado, pictured with their children Giancarlos and Isabella, are helping with the translation and production of our radio programs. They are dedicated to spreading the gospel among Latin Americans in Pompano Beach, Florida. They are true soul winners. Let’s get to know them!

A spiritual experience that impacted your life was…

Carlos: When the Lord let Maribel go into Mexico City without a visa. In front of all the guards and with the Chief of Immigration making arrangements to deport her back to the U.S., we hugged and the Chief of Immigration came out of his office called us in and said, “I do not know why, but I’m going to let her in.” Then he left and said to everyone, “She stays.” Then he signed the paperwork. One of the guards said to the other guard, “They had to call to the highest power to make this happen!” The other guard asked, “Who, the Chief?” “No,” he replied. And with his finger he pointed up to the sky and said, “Him.”
Maribel: More recently it is the way God made us a family by bringing our (adopted) children Giancalos and Isabella into our lives. It brings tears to our eyes and a deep appreciation for God.

As a couple who has been married 12 years, one thing you enjoy doing together is…

Carlos: Go for long walks and talk. Have a nice dinner together. Go to the movies. Go for a couple of days somewhere we have not been.
Maribel: We love to sing, and we really enjoy putting the word of God to music. It is great when Carlos sometimes enters the house, opens the door and we are singing the same song.

When I was a child one of my favorite heroes was…

Carlos: My Dad. My parents divorced when I was nine so I never saw any flaws in him because he was not around for the most part of my life. To this day I still think he is a great guy and a hero to many that know him.
Maribel: Superman, I believed he helped everyone. Also, Wonder Woman.

Translating and recording radio programs for broadcasting in Latin America is exciting to us because…

Carlos: It is a unique opportunity to use the gifts and abilities that God has given us to spread His word. We are honored to be able to do it.
Maribel: The idea of this ministry, of media and communication, excites me. When we are seeing our creator face to face, the radio work will continue to impact lives in every corner of the world. It is beautiful to think about that.

A great day in South Florida means….

Carlos: I would say a great day in South Florida is when we meet someone and share with them the love of Christ.
Maribel: As, our son, Giancarlo said in a recent conversation. I asked him, “How did your day go at the park?” He said, “Ma, it was excellent!” I responded, “Oh yeah..Did you have fun?” He answered enthusiastically, “Yes ma, I met some people at the park and I talked to them about Christ!”