Making Disciples

Each program is a step which wiil lead the student to the point of making a decision.  They will decide to become only Christians or disciples of the Lord.  How to worship, what does the Holy Spirit do, and what should be the organization of the Lord’s church are discussed with great clarity and attractiveness.

1. ¿Qué Hace Que Uno Crea en Dios? What is it That Makes Someone Believe in God?

3. Jesucristo: ¿Qué de Su Autoridad? Jesus Christ: What About His authority?

4. ¿Cómo Hacerse Discípulo del Señor? How do You Become a Disciple of the Lord?

5. ¿Por qué Debemos Sumergirnos en Agua? Why Should We Be Immersed in Water?

6. Ahora Que Soy Cristiano o Discípulo del Señor Now That I am a Christian or Disciple of the Lord

7. ¿Cómo y Por Qué Debemos Tomar la Cena del Señor? How and Why Should We Take the Lord’s Supper?

8. ¿Cómo y Por Qué Debemos Cantar? How and Why Should We Sing?

13. Las Iglesias de Cristo: ¿Quiénes Somos? Churches of Christ, Who Are We?