What’s Going On March 2014


 What’s Going On?

March 2014

Share the Words of Jesus With Our Spanish-Speaking Friends 


Reaching the Latin American World


Roberto Pino Shares a Listener Update from Cuba

Roberto Pino directs the training of preachers in Cuba, serves as an elder, and is in charge of the follow-up of our radio listeners. 

He writes: “We continue to receive reports of a growing audience in Cuba and are sending each listener the Bible course:

¿Qué Dice La Biblia? (What Does the Bible Say?). 

Then, those who want to continue studying enroll in the lessons from Larry White: Cursos Bíblicos para Obreros Cristiano (Bible Courses for Christian Workers)

In a short time, we now have a whole lot of students studying and have put them in contact with local congregations everywhere.  The truth is that the radio program is a great blessing.”

Plans are being made now for Rex Morgan, Jose Castillo Jr., and others, to travel to Cuba in May to train evangelists that will meet us in Havana. We will conduct a workshop on teaching how to write and produce audio messages to further their effectiveness in their local ministries and with our radio listeners.

For more information and access to our programming visit: lavozalegre.com 

and press the “English” button in the top right corner of the Home page.

Remember Baby Seidy’s story about her blindness from our December report? An update from Health Talents International:

Seidy is on our patient list and Dr. Sierra has been in touch with her. Until the US surgeon sees her on March 8 or 9, we won’t know the precise day of her surgery or whether or not it can be done.
Julie Wheetley is leading that team and will be at Clinica Ezell that week and will keep us posted. If I learn anything new,good or bad, we’ll let you know.
Keep praying!

Rick Harper

Executive Director

Health Talents International

PO Box 8303

Searcy, AR 72145