What’s Going On? June 2012

From Rex Morgan

Rex Morgan, Ammiel Perez, and Luis Estrada

“Now is the time to help the church in Cuba!”
What can bring representatives of 20 church of Christ ministries and congregations together in one place to spend a Saturday? Answer: The unified interest in sharing Jesus with our Cuban neighbors to the south of us.

We were given a detailed history of the church in Cuba by Ammiel Perez who

continues to serve as an elder and one of the preachers of the 10 de Octubre

Church of Christ in Havana.  His central message to us was: “Now is the time to

help the church in Cuba”.

Gregory Huffine, lists the present and future needs for Cuba.

We were encouraged to hear that in the last 10 years the church has grown from

500 members to 3500 members nationwide. There are now 70 trained preachers and

120 congregations.  The unified efforts of brethren in Cuba, the USA, Jamaica,

and Honduras are bearing great fruit for the Lord.

Remember to pray for the listeners of our radio program, La Voz Alegre (The

Happy Voice) and Herald of Truth’s program, Lea la Biblia, every Sunday and

Saturday night on Trans World Radio.  In Cuba the response is continuing to be

85 to 100 people who are seeking to know more about Christ each month. Praise

God!  Also, continue to pray for those preparing radio messages heard in Cuba

and the rest of Latin America each week.

When you receive this article we will be participating in the Preacher’s

Conference in Matanzas, Cuba.  This will be a time of encouragement and

spiritual enrichment for the Cuban evangelists and elders.

Your ongoing support makes this and so much more possible. Thanks for

partnering with us!

The Cuba Summit 2012 took place at the Madison Church of Christ on April 28th.

The event was organized by Gregory Huffine, deacon of missions, and emceed by

Phil Barnes, Madison’s preacher.  Thank you for hosting this event!
Phil Barnes, Ammiel Perez, and Rex Morgan are ready for a special day focused on Cuba

World Christian Broadcasting Made It Happen At The 2012


Pepperdine Lectureship

World Christian Broadcasting was given the opportunity to present three

messages at the Pepperdine Lectureship.  Ammiel Perez was invited by WCB and

presented the history of the church and highlighted current needs in Cuba.

He shared details about pivotal points in history that have led to the church

now being recognized by the Cuban government.  He was open about how we can

help in encouraging the church in Cuba.  Ammiel did a great job representing

the Cuban people and their needs.

Pepperdine University has a long-standing tradition of recognizing great

servants of the Lord. Jerry Rushford, director of the Pepperdine Lectureship,

presented Ammiel Perez with the “Distinguished Christian Service Award”.

Ammiel Perez being honored for his service in Cuba


with Juan Antonio Monroy(left) and Jerry Rushford (right)

The plaque reads:


presents the

Distinguished Christian Service Award



Devoted Servant of Jesus Christ,

Dedicated Student of the Word of god,

Faithful Preacher of the Gospel with the

10th of October Church of Christ in

Havana, Cuba for more than 27 years,

Beloved Mentor to Younger Christians, and

one whose Unceasing Commitment to the

Cause of Christ has greatly strengthened

Churches of Christ throughout Cuba

Presented on May 3 2012

at the

69th Annual Bible Lectures

A thought from Rex:

After spending so much time with Ammiel, over the past month, and working with

him in Cuba over the past 11 years, I was so proud to see him humbly accept

this honor.  It is great when we can encourage one another to press on in the

Lord’s work.

Florida National University

Ammiel Perez visits Maria Christian Regueiro, President/CEO of FNC and Frank Andreu VP of Operations of FNC.  Click on logo to learn more about FNU:

A special thanks to Florida National University in Hialeah, FL for their generous

contribution to our new Caribbean radio broadcast.
A special thanks to Voces!

Your production of original music brings our radio messages to life in the

minds and hearts of our listeners!


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Only servants, through whom you came to believe- as the Lord assigned to each


his task. I planted, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.


1 Corinthians 3:5-6