What’s Going On? May 2012

From Rex Morgan
Enjoy the Day!

People are responding to the gospel’s message of hope and peace for their lives. Letters and phone calls pour in after every broadcast. Televisions are on and people are examining their lives, then asking for help. Radio listeners are driving in their cars, working in offices, involved in the daily grind of life, and they are wanting something better for their lives, something only the pure message of Jesus Christ can fulfill.

May God continue to add to His kingdom!

We are blessed to have partners in Cuba like Tony Fernandez, sponsored by the Herald of Truth, in charge of our radio follow-up efforts. On a recent visit, Tony shared the good news of a whole family of radio-listeners coming to Christ and being baptized.

The Cuba Summit – A Blessing from the Lord!

Ammiel Perez was the featured speaker at the Cuba Summit and will also speak at the Pepperdine Lectureship in May

Abrazos, hugs, and besos, kisses – that was the scene at the Miami
International Airport this week as Ammiel Perez, from Havana, Cuba, was reunited with his son Ammielito. The joy of seeing a family, which does not have the freedom to travel easily between Cuba and the USA, reunited brought tears to my eyes too.

Abuelo, grandfather – Ammiel recently learned that Ammielito and his wife, who live here in Miami, will have their first child this year. This will be Ammiel’s first grandchild. Wow! This makes this moment even more precious.

Ammiel and his wife Maricela have served the Lord at the 10th of October church of Christ in Havana, Cuba since 1984. They have courageously endured the changes to their country and society, building up the name of the Jesus in Cuba in spite of many challenging political and social parameters.


We Are Listening to You

Dear brothers of The Open Bible,
Listening to your radio program La Voz Alegre today, Sunday, I heard your offer of a free Bible course so I am writing you to receive the course… I thank God for your program that reaches us in Cuba. They edify us a lot in our spiritual lives. May God bless you always,
Eutimio Estada Sosa
El Valle Bayamo Granma,Cuba

Bless you and blessings from God for your part in teaching via radio y
television to all of Cuba that all may know of the King of kings and that He is the only one and that his work is perfect. I heard you offer literature. I want to learn more of the Bible and I want to be able to help my family walk in God’s way. Please put me in your prayers.
Juan Guama

On the air…La Voz Alegre and Con La Biblia Abierta

My brother on Radio Trans Mundial,
I am 10 years old and I am ready to finish the 6th grade, my grades are good. I desire to know Jesus. My grandmother Lidia Manola wrote you and I am also writing you wanting my own Bible study. I ask baby Jesus to teach me what you will send me. My friend Vladimir told my grandmother about you and I also want to study in the Bible school. I will listen to you on Saturday and Sunday, Monday through Friday I have homework
Kisses for all,
Camaguey – Cuba

Radio • Good News • Television
Christ’s Message Meeting the Masses

Weekly TV Broadcast on the air each week on the following networks:
The Family Christian Network, a Spanish Language network reaching all of Latin America every Friday night at 8:00 PM CT.

Dish Network: Alma vision reaching all 50 of the United States
Mondays 9:00 PM EST

La Familia Cosmovision with 560 channels in the USA,
Thursdays 9:30 PM PT

Mega TV 22 reaching all of South Florida,
Friday 12:00 Midnight EST

Radio Broadcast La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) is broadcasting weekly on:

Trans World Radio 800 AM reaching Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Sundays 8:00-9:00 PM ET

WNQM 1300 AM reaching all of Nashville, TN every Wednesday night at 9:00 PM CT

WINB shortwave is reaching all of Latin America, Monday night at 6:00-7:00 PM EST Streaming On-line: www.winb.com

WWCR shortwave is 6.875 MHz is reaching Cuba and Latin America from Nashville, TN,
Wednesday afternoon 5:00-6:00 PM EST

World Christian Broadcasting, preparing begin broadcasting
La Voz Alegre daily in 2012.

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.
Habakkuk 2:14